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As you may know, I adore books, reading, picturesque pages… I cannot live without the magical world of the books! Reading is a kind hobby for me – it makes me feel happy, free, inspired. I handle one of my favorite reading maters every time when I am in love or I cry, I laugh or shout.

That`s why I decided to represent you my latest literature choice: Spetsnaz Alpha – My Destiny by Gennady Zaitsev. The edition is published by New Media Group and Svetlyo Kantardzhiev. The pages are over 500 in which the reader can find a lot of historical photos and images. The price is accessible and reasonable for the volume of the issue. In my opinion, the translation from Russian to Bulgarian is brilliant, approaching the audience to heroism of The Alpha Squad. The author, Zaitsev, was a Major General, inspired soldiers, special agents and ordinary people, now and before, forever and ever; he is a legend, a hero, an icon.
To be honest, I do not enjoy reading about history, it is not my cup of tea, but that book finally changed my mind.
According to my view, Gennady Zaitsev is one of the bravest people not only in Russia but in the whole universe!

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